We support producers in overcoming temporary impasses in all phases of film production on a per project basis. Thereby, all possible means of financing new projects and completing existing ones faster are fully exploited, even when capacities in house are limited.

creative packaging
& presentation

From creative packaging and preparation of financing and production materials, according to your specifications, to comprehensive financing strategies.

Sophisticated and reader-oriented project presentations for licensees, sponsors, private investors, and other financing partners.

Project positioning / Creation of producer commentaries / Marketing concepts / Casting of creative elements talent / Cost calculation of screenplays / Cost calculation of effects / Screenplay development / Complete development of sponsorship/grant applications

reliable project execution
& final account

Settlements with sponsors and co-producers, creation of evaluations, preparation of final examinations (especially in conformance with DFFF – German Federated Film Fund, shooting in foreign countries).

Experience in national and international films ranging from low to high budget productions, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the film production process.

We take the pressure off your executive producer and film management team, so they can turn their attention to new projects.

We would like to thank the following, among others, for their great cooperation:

BojeBuck Produktion  –  DCM Productions  –  X Filme  –  Wüste Film  –  Film Base Berlin

As an independent service provider, we can relieve you on a project basis and attend to your project according to your guidelines.
Provide us with a brief description of your task, and we will send you our proposal for a solution.

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