Ferien (AT)

The young law school graduate, Vivi, drives to the sea over the weekend to recuperate. But then she finds a job and rents a room and just stays on the island – until her landlord suddenly disappears and Vivi finds herself in the middle of two children she does not know, eels, and a host of new problems.


Vivi (Britta Hammelstein) has got to get out. The 28-year old prospective lawyer is weary of life already after the first state boards. But staying with her parents is no longer an option. Her dynamic father (Detlev Buck), who has stayed young at heart, takes her to an island over the weekend so she can relax.

He brings with him all kinds of good advice for positive thinking and self-optimization. Vivi cannot visualize her goals. Instead, she takes a job in a small shop run by Otto (Ferdinand von Schirach), and rents a room from the vivacious Biene (Inga Busch), who lives with her thirteen-year-old son, Eric (Jerome Hirthammer), in an enchanted house.

Vivi moves into a guest room and starts to feel at home on an island full of retirees and flower beds — until Biene suddenly disappears and Klara is standing there with the shy Eric, who has problems dealing with his anger. And with the young boy from the neighbors, Pete (Tilman Döbler), who is also suddenly there. And lots of other new problems.

Britta Hammelstein

Jerome Hirthammer

Inga Busch

Detlev Buck

Tilman Döbler

Michael Rexen

Nicolai Broeng Elsberg

also guest starring

Ferdinand von Schirach


Anatole Taubman

Bernadette Knoller

Paula Cvjetkovic & Bernadette Knoller

Director of Photography
Anja Läufer

Jana Dugnus

Production Design
Martina Mladenova

Costume Designer
Michèle Tonteling

Luise Hofmann

Production Manager Filmuni.
Holger Lochau

Redaktion RBB
Verena Veihl

Jochen Cremer & Tilman Kolb

A Blikfilm GmbH production in co-production with Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf (film university) and Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (broadcasting entity), sponsored with funds from Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg (film promoter) and the nordmedia Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen (media company).

Bernadette Knoller
Director and Screenplay Participation

Born 1986 in a Bavarian province, grew up on a farm in Schleswig-Holstein. Following completion of the Abitur (matriculation exam of highest level of German secondary schools), Assistant Director at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg. Since 2008, enrolled in film studies – direction – at the film university Babelsberg “Konrad Wolf” and off-theater projects. Previous work includes “Mein Mallorca” (documentary short film 2010), Mama und Papa (fiction 18min, 2010), “Kleinbürger” (stage recording, 2011), “Alte Äste” (rbb ‘Leben mit dem Tod’, 2012).

Paula Cvjetkovic

Born 1985 in Kaiserslautern, philosophy studies in Vienna and Berlin, works as philosopher with school children. Since 2010, studies screenplay at the film university Babelsberg “Konrad Wolf”. Highlights from 2012 to 2014 include participation in the First Movie Program of the Bavarian Film Center with “Die Kaufhausfrauen”, other previous works include “Zeitvertreib” (short film 2011), “Alte Äste” (2012), “Die Servicekraft” (2013).

Anja Läufer
Director of Photography

Born 1985 in Freiburg, participated as camera assistant, lead lighting specialist, and material assistant with numerous productions. As director of photograpy, she was responsible for, among others, “Mama und Papa” (2010), “Öz Kardes” (2010), “Mein Mallorca” (2010).

12. February 2015